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Aims & Philosophy of the Quiz

  1. To inculcate interst of the students in further study of Science in general and Chemistry in particular.
  2. Emphasizing the Connection between the academic image of Science/Chemistry and its day to day applications in home, environment and industry.
  3. It will help increase problem solving ability and Observation.
  4. Participation in ANCQ will help students to learn how to solve Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and the Quiz Papers will serve as an effective practice tool.

The Quiz Pattern

The question paper will consist of 30 Multiple Choice questions. Answers will be recorded on a Computer mark sense sheet. The Marked answer sheets will be Computer processed in Australia. The questions will be graded in therms of difficulty and it is expected that most students will be able to answer many of the questions. Questions will be based on the fundamental aspects of chemistry as well as questions involving its applications in modern society.

To avoid any difference in syllabus among participating countries, all students compete on a grade and country only basis i.e.a year 8 student only completes with year 8 students from his/her own country.

The Quiz is in four Categories:

Years 7-8, Years 9-10, Year 11 and Year 12.

Students who scored 30/30 in ANCQ-2014

Year 7

Khahra Arshdeep Singh

Mehan Yash

Sridhar Omkar

Year 8

Chatterjee Subhro Jyoti

Das Rajdeep

Das Satwik

Jain Bhavesh

James Paul

Khandwala Stuti

Koti Satvika

Naik Vedang

Nandakumar Aaditya

Sarangi Shatakshi

Shah Aayush

Udbhav Sinha


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